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Fronius Chargers

Fronius Chargers

Fronius – “The Ultimate in Charging Technology”

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In the beginning there were 50Hz chargers. Simple & reliable, they did the job very well and continue to do so.

High Frequency chargers took battery charging to another level with greater efficiency, compact dimensions and many other features & benefits.

Now Fronius chargers take battery charging to the next level and are the ultimate in charging technology.

A revolutionary Ri charging curve continually adjusts to give the battery exactly what the battery wants throughout the recharge cycle rather than delivering a preset current.

This system has many benefits – incredible efficiency, considerably reduced energy costs, lower CO2 emissions and most importantly cooler batteries resulting in less water loss and a longer lifespan for your batteries.

A great result all round!

This short video explains how this revolutionary system works:

Below are some examples of the financial savings available when using Fronius chargers:





Fronius chargers are a premium quality product and we’d be lying if we claimed that they were cheap!

They are more expensive to buy than standard 50Hz or HF chargers and the two technologies should not be compared side by side.

The key with the Fronius product is to look at the longterm benefits– in most applications, the payback time for the increased cost of the Fronius charger will probably be a year.

After that, the savings are clear to see so the long-term benefits are very impressive.