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The new Vertu package uses maximum efficiency charging technology to substantially reduce your electricity consumption when recharging batteries. Not only does this save your business money, it dramatically reduces your carbon footprint too by cutting your CO2 emissions. The benefits don't end there - using this technology will also extend the lifespan of your forklift batteries too. This is not just an idle boast - we are so confident that all Vertu packages are supplied with a unique 6 year warranty as standard*.

Ecobat Battery Technologies have brought together some of the most respected, high quality brands in the industry to create 'Something Rather Special'.

As well as it's energy saving credentials, the Vertu package from Ecobat comes with an impressive array of standard equipment...

  • Autofill System

    Correct maintenance of your battery is a vital part of getting the best performance & longevity from it.A key part of this is regular & correct topping up of the electrolyte levels. Our Autofill systems make this normally difficult & dirty job simple, quick and above all safe.

  • Electrolyte Level Monitor

    Our E.L.M will clearly display when your battery is ready for watering. It's high visibility LED will illuminate either red or green to indicate electrolyte level. Click HERE for more information.

  • Available to Pick Unit

    Letting your battery cool down after a charge is the best way to increase It's lifespan. Our A.T.P unit will show you when the battery is safely cooled and ready for use. Click HERE for more information.

  • Reduced Battery Maintenance

    With Vertu, batteries do not get excessively hot when charging. This results in lower electrolyte loss and thus reduces the frequency of topping saving you labour time and deionised water costs.

  • Compact Wall mounted chargers

    Vertu chargers are compact & designed for wall mounting. This increases safety, frees up floor space and avoids damage from passing traffic.

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